Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ferrara: "In Europe you end up paying even for the slightest mistake"

At the end of the match against Bordeaux, Ciro Ferrara commented the match starting from the change in attitude of the team in the first and second half: «First of all we must say that we played a team which is well organized, fast on the counter-attack and which closes up well. In the first half we lost a ball too many in midfield and took a bit too many risks while in the second half we were more aggressive and attacked more»
At the end of the day the bianconeri only won one point: «When we had the game in hand we conceded a goal from a set-piece which was probably even off-side. In Europe, unfortunately even the slightest mistake makes you pay. It is a pity because we really wanted to do well but we have the possibility of making up».
Buffon was great and Ferrara confirms this: «It is not news that we have the best goalkeeper in the world and it is an advantage. He was decisive on 2 or 3 occasions».
With regards to Cannavaro, Felipe Melo and Tiago who left the field injured Ferrara hopes that «they will be available as soon as possible», while the medical staff will speak in the next few hours.

Buffon: "There are no easy teams in the Champions League" & Iaquinta

Once again Gigi Buffon was in a super mood making a couple of very important saves: «I made 2 or 3 good saves but I think that there is nothing to be over-enthusiastic about because this should be the normal thing. I am a bit disappointed with the result because we deserved to do better but at the end of the day they also deserved a draw. There are no easy teams in the Champions League and then when the opponents are Bordeaux who are coming from 17 positive results and are the French champions it is obvious that they are a good team. They are a very valid team, have some good players and they are strong».

Iaquinta: «We wanted to start off with a victory» 

he comments of the bianconeri after the home draw against Bordeaux are clearly full with disappointment for the failed victory and this is even reflected in the words of Vincenzo Iaquinta who once again scored a great goal putting Juventus ahead: «Yes we are disappointed because we conceded a goal from a set-piece and off-side but we played well and the field did not help. It was difficult to hold the ball. We wanted to start off with a victory but they are strong especially in defence. Now we must think of playing in Munich against Bayern. I am in a good physical condition, free of injury and I am managing to play with consistency. Amauri and I work well together and we both try to use our strength».



Juventus - Bordeaux 1 - 1

Juventus and Bordeaux are both determined to start-off on the right footing on the debut match of this season’s Champions League. The initial minutes see the French team showing a certain aggressiveness both when it comes to fouls and actions.
On the 3rd minute Buffon saves on a dangerous Bordeaux initiative. The referee stops play for a foul in attack. One minute later Bordeaux are still on the attack but the shot is easily saved by Buffon.
The 6th minute sees a hard challenge on Iaquinta just outside the area but the referee signals to play on. Two minutes later there is a free-kick for Bordeaux but the ball sails straight into the hands of Buffon. On the 9th minute a Marchisio shots sails high over the bar. Seconds later, Bordeaux seem to be pressing on the accelerator in these initial stages of the match.
It is the 10th minute when Felipe Melo frees the Juve area from a dangerous ball. Juve are trying to create some action on the right flank first with Giovinco and then with Caceres. On the 13th minute Felipe Melo is fouled in midfield after winning a good ball. One minute later there is a good cross into the Bordeaux area deviated into corner by the defence. From the flag the ball reaches Tiago who shoots high.
On the 16th minute a Bordeaux shot from outside the area goes wide. Two minutes later Giovinco is fouled in midfield after winning a great ball. On the 20th minute Tremoulinas tries across into the Juve area but Buffon cradles the ball and seconds later a Iaquinta shot goes high.
The 22nd minute sees a good exchange with the ball reaching Iaquinta with the keeper forced to save. Three minutes later there is a free-kick for Juventus: Iaquinta takes it but the ball hits Amauri and is easily held by the keeper. Five minutes later it is Buffon who punches away following a French free-kick. On the 31st minute a good Giovinco shot is held by the keeper.
On the 33rd minute there is a corner for Bordeaux: ball reaches Diarra who shoots wide. Two minutes later, a good Caceres cross into the area sees Amauri heading but the keeper saves. There is another corner on the 37th minute: Giovinco puts the ball into the area. The ball seems about to cross the line but is cleared by Fernando.
The 44th minute sees a corner for the French side: ball headed wide by Gorcuff. The first half ends after one minute of stoppage time on 0-0.
The second half turns out to be a very exciting part of the match with Juve dominating for most of the 49 minutes. On the 2nd minute, Legrottaglie clears a dangerous ball in the area. One minute later there is a Bordeaux free-kick: Buffon first and Caceres after clear a dangerous ball.
On the 3rd minute, A Juve counter-attack sees Iaquinta losing the ball before entering the area. One minute later Buffon saves incredibly on a Gourcuff shot and a few seconds after, Bordeaux corner sees Iaquinta heading again for a flag kick. The 6th minute sees Iaquinta going past the keeper after receiving from Tiago and shoots wide from a difficult angle. A good opportunity for Juve.
The 7th minute there is a corner for Juve after a good Grosso run: Giovinco puts the ball into the area with Grosso heading wide. Two minutes later, Grosso clears on a dangerous Plasil initiative.  On the 11th minute Bordeaux are forced to change the keeper: Rame on for Carrasso.
On the 12th minute, there is a corner for Juve: Giovinco puts a low ball into the area which is cleared by the defence. Juve are showing much more initiative in this part of the match, acting very much on the flanks. One minute later, a Giovinco shot is too weak to worry the keeper. On the 14th minute there is a free-kick for Juve after a foul on Tiago: Grosso dishes out a great shot forcing the keeper to a great save. From the corner Amauri does not manage to head a good Giovinco cross.
It is the 17th minute when a powerful Marchisio shot is deviated by Iaquinta who is off-side. Two minutes later, Iaquinta receives from Cannavaro, runs entering the area and shoots straight into the net: 1-0. On the 21st minute Zebina comes on for Cannavaro. Caceres moves to the centre of the defence.
On the 22nd minute, Buffon performs a miracle on a dangerous shot. Two minutes later, Melo forces the keeper to save into corner after a fiery shot. Seconds later, Marchisio passes to Zebina whose shot is deviated into corner: Rame removes it from Amauri's head. On the 25th minute there is a corner for Juve: ball into the area but the defence clears. Seconds later, Zebina makes a good save on a dangerous counter-attack.
On the 26th minute, an Amauri shot is deviated by the defence. One minute later, there is a corner for Juve: Giovinco puts the ball into the area, Amauri heads perfectly but the keeper performs a volleyball save for a corner. The 28th minutes sees Giovinco coming off to be replaced by Camoranesi.
Juventus are struck on their best moment: on the 29th minute, Bordeaux benefit of a free-kick: ball reaches Plasil who deposits into the net from a dubious position. 1-1. Four minutes later, Caceres loses a dangerous ball forcing Buffon to save . On the 35th minute an excellent Tiago is forced to leave the field due to injury. Poulsen comes on.
On the 36th minute there is a free-kick for Juve following a foul on Amauri: ball hits the wall. Another free-kick for Juventus on the 39th minute: ball into the area cleared by the defence. One minute later, Buffon is forced to leave the area to save on Gouffran and seconds later Gourcuff from a dangerous position inside the area puts the ball high.
The 41st minute sees a good shot by Poulsen goes inches high following a cross by Zebina. Two minutes later, a Marchisio shot after a Caceres cross hits the under side of the bar. From the rebound, Poulsen shoots high.
The 43rd minute sees a free-kick for Bordeaux: Poulsen who has had a good impact on the match clears well. Two minutes later, there is a free-kick for Juve after a foul outside the area on Zebina: the Grosso shot is headed away.
The match ends in a 1-1 draw but Juventus definitely deserved more. However, considering the fact that Bordeaux are the French champions and that Juve were missing a number of important players the result can be considered satisfactory.

Champions League, Group A – 1st match day 
Turin, Stadio Olimpico
Tuesday 15th September 2009
Goals: Iaquinta (63rd ), Plasil (76th),
JUVENTUS: Buffon; Caceres, Cannavaro (Zebina 65th), Legrottaglie, Grosso; Felipe Melo, Tiago (Poulsen 80th), Marchisio; Giovinco (Camoranesi 73rd); Iaquinta, Amauri. Reserves: Manninger, De Ceglie, Zebina, Molinaro, Poulsen, Camoranesi, Trezeguet. Coach: Ferrara.
BORDEAUX: Carrasso (Rame 56th), Chalme’, Planus, Ciani, Tremoulinas, Plasil (Gouffran 77th), Diarra, Fernando, Gourcuff, Wendel; Chamakh. Reserves: Rame, Henrique, Placente, Jussie, Gouffran, Cavenaghi, Bellion. Coach: Blanc.
Referee: Tom Henning Ovrebo
Yellow Cards: Ciani (65th), Giovinco (67th)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Buffon: "We have undertaken the right road"

After three victories in the championship, two of which in Rome, for Juventus it is time to make their debut even in the Champions League. On Tuesday the bianconeri will play their first match of the 2009/10 edition at the Olimpico against Bordeaux.

It is a new opportunity for the bianconeri to try and confirm themselves even in Europe:. This is the  objective of Buffon  – who was busy addressing the press conference together with Ferrara – and his team mates: «During Saturday’s match against Lazio, we never stopped fighting and believing in the victory even when we encountered difficulties. After just three matches in the championship it is still early to say for sure but we have undertaken the right road».

The bianconeri are therefore about to get back to Euroepan football and just like a year ago, the group stage is not a simple one. Buffon, therefore, wants a Juve that is ready to face the match against Bordeaux with the same ardor fielded against Real Madrid and Zenit: «last season we played against highly acclaimed opponents and yet we won the group and gave signs of being an important team. In the successive round we faced an improving Chelsea and we could have even gone through. Now it is still early to say if we can aim at winning the competition but we surely have a more competitive squad».

The squad was in fact strengthened by the signings of the likes of Cannavaro, Grosso, Felipe Melo, Caceres and especially Diego. The former Werder player will miss the  European debut and even though the news with regards to his injury are positive (7 days of recovery) and put everybody’s mind at rest, Buffon thinks that Juventus is ready for the appointment even without its Brazilian champion: «Diego is an important player for us and we would like him to play in every match but a great team cannot depend on one player. In order to be competitive it must have an ample squad with many players of a high level».

Diego Wants To Make History With Juventus

Juventus playmaker Diego has been ruled out of the Champions League match with Bordeaux, but he is looking forward to playing in the competition as soon as possible."We face some good teams and for me there will be a special challenge - when we face Bayern in Germany, as they are my old rivals," he explained to UEFA's official website."I know that game, as well as many others, will be difficult. However, I think we will go far and do well in the competition."

Recently the Brazilian's style of play has gathered comparisons with stars of the past such as Zico, Gianfranco Zola and Roberto Baggio."I've always admired those players and I am glad to hear my name mentioned next to theirs," he continued."I want to write my own history at Juventus. I feel very happy and motivated here. The supporters send shivers down my back and I think I've begun to get to know my team-mates. I feel at home."

The Brazilian's absence is likely to make room for Italian youngster Sebastian Giovinco against the French side.

You Need A Winning Mentality To Play For Juventus - David Trezeguet

Tomorrow Juventus will host French champions Bordeaux in their opening Group A match in the Champions League. The team are coming off three straight victories in the league, so their morale is high, which seems to have been the case ever since coach Ciro Ferrara stepped in to replace Claudio Ranieri.
Striker David Trezeguet, who scored in last weekend's win against Lazio, talked about the club's winning mentality.
"Juventus have to go and win everywhere," he said to SkySport24. "I can say that because I've been at Juve for ten years. If you draw, no one is happy here. When a coach arrives at Juve, he has to win every Sunday, no draw matters, all that matters are the three points.
"The defeat against Chelsea last season was a very heavy one for us. But I think that, as in every league, there are different categories of teams. Juve are part of those that have to win every Sunday, as well as in the Champions League and the Coppa Italia. This is the winning mentality, the mentality they have taught me in these ten years."
Asked if the much-criticised Ranieri had that winning mentality, Trezeguet said, "I won't say whether the coach had a winning mentality or not. The coach did his work. I think the club was very clear with him, he did extraordinary work, but Juve are about winning, if you don't win that's what happens."

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Juventus Captain Del Piero Aiming For Return In Champions League Debut

Juventus captain Alessandro Del Piero has been forced to watch on from the sidelines as his side made a convincing start to the season, with three wins in three matches against Chievo, Roma and Lazio.
The club icon will now hope to be back for Tuesday's Champions League match against Bordeaux, although according to TuttoSport, the chances of him making the team are slim.
Yesterday morning he did some extra work on the training ground, arriving early to do some running and athletic exercises, as well as some work with the ball.
Del Piero's injury occurred on 11 August, when in the traditional friendly against the Primavera team, he suffered a knock to his back, the pain later extending to his left thigh.
However, aside from the injury problem, the competition is now tougher than ever, with Diego also a possible competitor for Pinturicchio, even though the Brazilian also suffered an injury in yesterday's match with Lazio which may keep him out for around three weeks.
As for the other injured players, coach Ciro Ferrara is hoping to get back Zdenek Grygera, who recently suffered a contusion to his knee, while there are still doubts concerning Jonathan Zebina, even though he has clinically recovered from his Achilles heel inflammation.
Hasan Salihamidzic is unlikely to make it because of a problem to his fibula following the Serie A debut against Chievo.

Lazio-Juventus 0-2 HL

"I Hope Injury Is Not Serious" – Diego

Juventus midfielder Diego had to be substituted in the first half of last night's clash against Lazio at the Olimpico in Rome, in the third matchday of Serie A, due to a muscular injury.

The former Werder Bremen player will have some tests today as he hopes that the injury will not be as bad as the one he suffered in Germany in the past months.

"I feel a bit of pain, on Sunday I will undertake some tests," declared the Brazilian player to Sky at the end of the clash against the Biancocelesti.

"My muscular problem in Germany of last Spring was very serious, I hope that this is less."

According to the latest indications, Diego is at risk of remaining out for at least 20 days, even though it will all be clearer once the test results are out.

What seems certain is that the player will miss his debut Champions League game for the Bianconeri as they host Bordeaux on Tuesday evening.

Trezeguet: "I am working hard to get back to my levels"

The victory against Lazio can be defined as one of first timer: the first goal of Martin Caceres on the day of his official debut but also the first goal of the “new” career of David Trezeguet. After quite a bit of suffering, at the Olimpico the Franco-Argentine returned to scoring. In fact he did so with one of his typical goals typical of the area striker he is, at the end of  a match during which he tried quite a few times his luck at goal.
Trezeguet has returned even when it comes to motivation, so much so that he made a statement which will surely be appreciated by Ferrara and all the Juventus supporters. «I have not yet reached a definite decision whether to leave Juventus at the end of the season. I must still speak to my family. Even tonight I realized how much everybody loves me and how happy they were with my goal. The goal scored tonight has a great taste. Today for me is a return to great levels. After the injury I worked hard and suffered in order to return and my team mates really helped me a lot. I am drawing close to Sivori? For me it is an honour seeing that Omar was one of my idols. For now, however, I am interested in re-finding my best condition and continuing to be useful to this team. On Tuesday the Champions League takes off. We showed we are there in the championship and now it is the turn of others to show they are. We are hopeful for this season. The club really did a great deal to make this team more competitive. It is now up to us players to do our part».